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Cosmoprofi Base Coat 15 ml
Cosmoprofi Basis Rubber Base 12 ml
Cosmoprofi Basis Soak Off Base 20 ml

Elevate Your Nail Art with Cosmoprofi Professional Base


In the world of nail artistry, perfection starts with a strong foundation, and that's exactly what Cosmoprofi Professional Base offers. It provides an impeccable canvas for your artistry, ensuring that your nail creations stay flawless for longer.


Unleash Your Creativity


With Cosmoprofi Professional Base, your creative potential knows no bounds. Whether you're into acrylics, gels, or nail extensions, this versatile product enhances adhesion and durability, making your work last longer and shine brighter.


Client Satisfaction Guaranteed


Your clients deserve nothing but the best, and Cosmoprofi Professional Base helps you deliver just that. The trust your clients place in your skills is upheld by the quality of your work, and this base coat ensures that your clients leave your salon with nails that are not just stunning but also long-lasting.