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Kodi Gel Polish "Moon Light 5D" № 03, 7 ml

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Kodi Gel Polish "Moon Light 5D" № 03, 7 ml

Kodi Gel Polish "Moon Light 5D" № 03, 7 ml

The intriguing effect of the "moon track", which is created when using magnetic gel polishes, appears again in the list of trendy nail coatings, but this time it surprises with a new vision of reflection.
The rise in popularity of magnetic gel varnishes is due to new technologies that allowed the characteristic reflection to acquire an even more expressive depth and volume.


The collection of gel polishes "Moon light 5D" is a consistently high-quality coating, an intriguing palette, and a magical "running" glare that allows you to create designs of any level of complexity.
The technology of working with "Moon light 5D" gel polishes requires the use of a special magnet.


It is recommended to apply two layers with sequential polymerization of each layer.
Recommendation for use: To achieve the most saturated and bright effect, use black gel polish №100BW as a substrate.

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