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PNB Scotch Base 8ml

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PNB Scotch Base 8ml

Scotch Base PNB 一 is a unique base that has become an indisputable favorite among masters and clients. It is chosen again and again, because there are no analogues to it on the market.

Constant development and search for new opportunities is our principle. Therefore, despite the wild success of this base, we decided to make it even better.

Impeccable self-leveling and adhesive properties remain at a high level, so the pleasure of working with this base is guaranteed for every master!

  Advantage of PNB products:

-     for hypersensitive, thin and problematic nails;

-     safe 12 FREE composition;

-     does not contain HEMA monomer;

-     super strong adhesion;

-     low-temperature base, no feeling of heating or burning during polymerization;

-     has excellent self-leveling;

-     a comfortable consistency that allows you to easily create "perfect highlights";

-     medium hardness of the material, perfect for strengthening nails;

-     3+ weeks without chips and peeling;

-     universal;

-     does not flow into the side rollers;

-     restoration of damaged corners;

-     holds stickers and stones;

-     does turn yellow;

-     perfect at work.


Application technology PNB:


    1. Prepare the nail plate with PNB buff, remove the gloss.

    2. Apply auxiliary liquids: Nail Dehydrator and Bond Control on the whole nail plate.

    3. Apply Scotch Base PNB. Polymerization of the material - 90 sec.

    4. Remove the dispersion layer with Nail Prep.

    5. Apply color gel polish in 1-2 coats. Polymerization of the material 60 sec.

    6. Cover nail with PNB top.

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