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Touch Matte No Wipe No Sticky Top 15 ml

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Touch Matte No Wipe No Sticky Top 15 ml

Matt manicure gives the fashion image a special charm. To achieve this effect on any color will help the master a special fixture for gel-lacquer systems purchased separately.

Touch Matte Top is a universal remedy that gives the nails a pleasant matte. The velvety effect makes you go back to the fashion idea over and over again, playing the attractive texture in millions of shades.

Features of Touch Matte Top:

     - does not require removal of the sticky layer;
     - Easily covers the nail with a smooth layer;
     - is worn clean and neat without foreign prints;
     - retains the original shade of gel varnish;
     - Lasts for up to 3 weeks, protecting the manicure from cracks, scratches and chipping.

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