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UNO Classic Top 15 ml

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UNO Classic Top 15 ml

Top coat Classic is the final stage of any gel polish manicure. The transparent "finish" is designed to fix the color of the gel polish, preserve its shine, strength, and also protect it from the negative effects of external factors: fading, scratches or chips. Using a top coat for gel polish, you can be sure that for several weeks your manicure will look well-groomed and flawless.  

  Advantage of UNO products:

-     Provides excellent glossy shine and protection against chips and scratches up to 4 weeks.

-     Prevents color fading and gives additional strength to the coating.

-     After polymerization, it has a dispersion (sticky) layer.

-     Soak-off-formula is an easily soluble formula that can be removed without files and grinders in 5-7 minutes.


Application technology UNO:


    1. The recommended polymerization time in a UV lamp is 2 minutes, in an LED lamp - 60 seconds.

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