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Kodi Polybase, 12 ml

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Kodi Polybase, 12 ml

Polybase (Base Coat for Acrylic Gel System), 12 ml


Combining the best properties of acrylic and gel systems, the Easy Duo professional acrylic gel system has taken the process of modeling and strengthening nails to a whole new level.

Easy duo gel has excellent plasticity and ease of use, high-quality results with minimal effort.

Polybase is a base coat for nails designed specifically to work with the Easy Duo gel acrylic gel system (for working with polygel).
The polybase base coat provides maximum adhesion between Easy Duo gel and natural nail plate.
The use of Polybase contributes to a longer preservation of the impeccable condition of nails and helps to prevent the appearance of detachments, chips, and cracks.

Recommendations for application: After the standard preparation of the nails, apply one layer of Polybase as thinly as possible, rubbing with movements.
Cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV lamp.

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