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Kodi Slip Fluide Smoothing & Alignment, 200 ml

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Kodi Slip Fluide Smoothing & Alignment, 200 ml

Slip Fluide Smoothing & Alignment


Acrylic-gel system (polygels) Easy Duo Gel has become a real discovery of the nail industry in the field of nail modeling.
Every day, Easy Duo Gel is gaining more and more popularity, because, compared to its predecessors, it has many more advantages and a wider range of applications.

Even beginners can work with the Easy Duo Gel acrylic gel system, achieving excellent results. To make nail modeling with the acrylic-gel system even more comfortable, a special liquid for polygel is used.

Liquid for polygel: what is it for?

Slip Fluide Smoothing & Alignment is a special fluid used to shape the material when working with Easy Duo Gel Acrylic Gel System.
It has constructive properties, providing maximum easy modeling of the nail.
The product does not contain ingredients hazardous to health - formaldehyde, toluene, and others.

Slip Fluide Smoothing & Alignment allow you to distribute and smooth the material over the surface of the nail plate and prevent its premature polymerization.

How to use: After applying the required amount of Easy Duo Gel to the nail, moisten the brush in the acrylic gel construction liquid and smooth the nail into the desired shape.

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