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Kodi Duo Gel Soft Pink, 30 g

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Kodi Duo Gel Soft Pink, 30 g

Kodi Duo Gel Soft Pink, 30 g


        Easy Duo Gel (polygels) is a professional acrylic-gel system that takes the process of modeling and strengthening nails to a qualitatively new level. The tools of the system are incredibly convenient to use, have no limitations on working time, interact well with the natural nail plate and can be used by masters with any experience. The Soft series as part of the KODI PROFESSIONAL acrylic-gel system is represented by a palette of natural shades. It has a sticky layer. Easy Duo Gel Soft is suitable for French modeling.

Easy Duo Gel Soft:

- "soft" consistency, convenient for work

- Excellent adhesive properties

- High plasticity

- Good adaptability to dust

- Strength and lightness of the structure

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